2014 Barbera D'Asti

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Barbera d'Asti comes from the Piedmont area in Northwestern Italy. This area is most famously known for its use of the Nebbiolo grape, that produces big and bold Barolas, softer and more finesse driven

Barbarescos; as well as fruity Moscato d'Asti from the the Moscato bianca grape.

Barbera d'Asti is a dry red wine, and nothing like the sweet slightly sparkling wine from this same region. Both of these are for everyday drinking with food, but the Barbera d'Asti would pair well with pizza or pasta with seasoned vegetables, while the Moscato d'Asti would pair well with a slightly sweetened creme dessert or cookies with almonds and dried fruits.

This wine is rimmed with a deep garnet red color and like true garnet has a bright darkness about it as you get closer to the middle of the glass where the wine has more volume. The legs take a little time to form and start to drip down the glass. As they approach the bottom of the glass, they almost look like a bunch of old school thermometers. (Remember those, that had the ball of mercury at the bottom?)

The abv is 13%. With the legs this way, I assume a little residual sugar, but not much because of the style though. This is also a vegan fine, so the lack of fining can be why the delayed forming of the legs is happening.

The scent is tart cherry and boysenberry, there's some fresh tobacco, green hay, moist earth, fermented hay, violets, plum jelly, dandelion, and herbs like paprika and sweetened oregano.

There is good acidity to the wine, so great to pair with food. The taste is of mashed raspberries, chocolate, dusty cherries, red clay, and unripe strawberries.

There is a long finish, that notes the tannins at the end, Not super tanniny, very soft, but building, and ends with almost a bitter chocolate and cherry-eucalyptus.

There is a lot going on in this wine, so even though Barberas are for everyday drinking, this wine could pair with so many dishes!

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