Thunder you are a Dud

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So I work at Waterfront Wine and Spirits. It is located at the bottom of these cool luxury condos over looking Waterfront Park in Louisville. We had a perfect view of the transition area for the swim, bike, and run for the Ironman. I love working here, because of all the boutique and also vegan wines we have. So there are a lot of cool things about this job. Location, cool owners, great customers, great wine!

However, I am not thrilled to be here this weekend. Why, you ask? This weekend is the beginning of all the derby festivities, starting with the super annoying at best, Thunder Over Louisville.

Now if you've never experienced Thunder....count yourself lucky. I drove down here and this is only the day before Thunder, and had to show my special pass so I could get close enough to my work to park. My boss and I had to swap parking passes as he left, so I could park in his spot. Yes, it's that crazy down here.

Tomorrow, on actual Thunder day, my plan is to ride my bike to work. Otherwise, I'd be sitting in my car for two hours to get the mile back home. With an attendance of over 800,000, and everyone trying to leave downtown Louisville after all the fireworks have gone prepared to hunker down for a long wait, or if you ave to go downtown, plan to ride a bike like me.

Just walking from the car to work there were military jets flying overhead practicing and it was already super loud. Then tomorrow it will be even worse with the over 800,000 partiers, 100+ jets and aircraft for the airshow, and one of the largest fireworks displays in the country. (My fBnL, said he has ear plugs for me....Yup, it's that bad!)

And all this stupid regalia, to celebrate a death sport. Now, horse racing has had a lot of negative press lately, and hopefully this is the beginning of the end. We have bourbon, I think we can survive without Churchill Downs being a horses last memory.

Death is a common occurrence in horse racing, and not with just the racers, but with the baby horses that are shot or clubbed to death in order that their mother can nurse a potential racing horse. (Nurse mares are real....look it up). It's a tough road for a racer as well. Between being trucked around, forced to train and run so early on that their bones don't develop fully, then sometimes they will run to the point of breaking a leg (WTF...imagine a human forced to run to the point of breaking his/her leg....that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment!), and then if it is broken, it's cheaper to just shoot the horse than try and fix it which can be costly, and very difficult.

So between the fuel used to fly the jets, the fireworks that will be lit, explode, and then fall into the Ohio River (just before Earth Day), the ptsd that this will trigger in humans, the fear this will create and cause animals: domestic, racers, and even the non-domestics in the park to try to runaway, hurting themselves as they bang into the walls of their house or cages all in order to celebrate an industry that is cruel and archaic. I gotta believe we as people are better than that, but unfortunately many will stay oblivious to this just like the ostrich hiding his head in the sand, they will refuse to look and think about others.