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Well it's almost Valentine's Day or as I'd call it Vday, and so a post about a good sparkling is in order. Now we all would be okay with drinking Vueve Cliquot on a daily basis, but everyone I know would prefer a great cheaper option for their Vday party or for everyday drinking. I feel Vueve is like the Pappy of bourbon. Expensive, and is it really any better? I feel it's mostly a status symbol now, or for people (I would like to use another term-but better not:) that really don't know what is equally good or better and way cheaper. Now don't get me wrong, both Vueve and Pappy are good, but are you paying for the juice or the packaging with that characteristic orange label or the silhouette of a man smoking his pipe that apparently says "I have made it, and am important"....gag!

Well I know where I stand....

Besides Vueve, anytime you buy a Champagne, you are basically paying a premium for the juice inside the bottle. Now don't get me wrong, Champagne has earned its prestigious category with its techniques and aging that led the way, but there is amazing sparkling outside that one region of France.

Now I love my French Cremants, these are produced in the same way as Champagne, but outside the region designated for Champagne and for 1/3 of the price.

I also love my Spanish Cavas (even cheaper than Cremants!). Now they are produced the same way Champagne and Cremants are, but with mostly traditional grapes of Spain instead of the Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Menuir of Champagnes (or this fabulous sparkling Rosé of Cab Franc from Loire, FR....btw the green stickers mean vegan at Waterfront Wine and Spirits)

So this time I decided to write about a sparkling from this vegan Spanish winery that I love...Arrāez. At Waterfront Wine and Spirits, we also have their red blend, Alicant Bouchet, Monastrell, and their Bobal. Now if you haven't heard of these last three grapes, come see us and try them. They are fab, and you will wow those Vueve drinkers with your knowledge of Spanish grapes!

This Cava from Arrāez is made in a Brut style with 90% Macabeo (Viura) and 10% Chardonnay. It is aged at least 9 months on the lees (yeast) as well...same as Champagne and Cremant. Cavas are all produced in the Method Traditional like all Champagne, Cremants, and sparklings from the US.

The color is a light silvery lemon. The bubbles are small and lively, which is a definitive way to judge the quality of any sparkling wine.....bubbles and how they look. How bubbles present themselves in the glass is a testament to how it is made. If the bubbles are small and delicate, this shows that the carbonation and the wine have had time enough to fuse together. Do they last the entire time you are sipping and is it still bubbly the next day even without a fancy sparkling enclosure?

Well for this wine the answer is yes!

The scent is of golden apple, hibiscus, raspberry, oatmeal bread, and a little almond.

The taste is of pink lady apples, crisp and lemon/lime tart, but with a little sweetness like subtle meringue.

The finish is medium, but with good acidity so it leaves you wanting more.

All in all this a great Cava, and at less than $15.00, I'd put it up against a Champagne at that price any day of the week! Oh right I don't think there are any $15.00 Champagnes!