Where are the vegan wines?

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I was just looking through my posts, and it's an amazing trip down memory lane for me. The changes of veganism can be seen greatly. When I first started this blog there was only one vegan restaurant in Louisville that I could say, but that wasn't even vegan it was vegetarian, and mostly vegan.

Now thankfully there are many more that I could name, but there's always room for improvement. Take Barrett Avenue, I thought it would be the vegan Mecca of Louisville until a f-ing BBQ joint went in to Lynn's Paradise's old location! WTF!

There are still coffeeshops that

upcharge for non-dairy, but it's getting better. I've found that if you ask them if they upcharge they will take the 75c off for a standard coffee with soy instead of the free cows milk. (And when did the free cow's milk become standard....charge for that to pay for the environmental impact at least. If you figured that in there's no way there would be less than a 75c upcharge for cow's milk.

The wine world has gotten better as well. My distributors at Waterfront Wine and Spirits know I'm going to ask them about which wines they are bringing to me are vegan. We have a green sticker system in place. We label each wine that we have researched to be vegan with a green sticker. When you ask, most wine store owners either don't know because they haven't done the leg work. Now in their defense, the bottles don't say vegan so it takes someone (like me) calling or emailing the wine maker or importer and asking. Sometimes they don't get back to you, which is ultra frustrating, however that's usually countries in which the primary language is not english so they get several retries until I give up. So most store owners don't know, so they will just generically point you to the natural wine section.

Taking the guess work out for the customers at Waterfront Wine and Spirits was our goal. So you can feel confident that each of our wines are researched and then labeled with green stickers if they qualify as vegan.

As more and more people realize that we need to evolve our species to rely on plant based options, there will be more and more call for vegan options, and that makes me truly happy!


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