Areyna 2018 Torrontes

The Torrontes grape is basically grown only in South America, and specifically in the high altitude vineyards of Salta which is in the Northern-most part of Argentina.

The Torrontes grape is native to South America. It developed over time into the grape we all love today. It's a cross of País (Red-mission grape brought to the Americas by Spanish Colonizers) and Muscat of Alexandria (White-with its aromatic qualities, it is use for the development of sweet wines-however with Torrontes-it did not develop into a quality sweet wine grape, but rather an aromatic dry wine grape.)

Areyna 2018 Torrontes

The look is of pale straw with green hues.

The legs are fast forming and move down the glass at a medium speed. The smell is of pear and lychee, fruit salad, pink lady apples, honeysuckle and passionflowers, with the minerality of brook rock.

The taste is of fresh apricot and pear, with the tartness of gooseberry, spice of white pepper, and the finish of juicy mandarin.

This wine has medium acidity and has 13% ABV.

You can find this wine at Waterfront Wine and Spirits for 10.99