Avignonesi 2017 Cantaloro Rosso

This Rosso from Tuscana is what you would consider a Super Tuscan. STs were started by winemakers in the late 60s that wanted to combine grapes from the Bordeaux region with traditional Italian grapes like Sangiovese. This was not allowed via the Italian wine classification system, so these great wines were relegated to the bottom tier/ table wine.

People began seeking out these wines due to their quality, even though they were on the bottom rung of the wine pyramid. This all changed in the 80s with the new addition of IGT, Indicazione Geografica Tipica, which is between table wine and the DOC/DOCG statuses. (Super Tuscans were basically the reason for this addition to the classification system)

The Avignonesi 2017 Cantaloro is exciting because of its make up of 62% sangiovese, 23% merlot, and 15% Cabernet Sauvignon; but also because of its recent certification of Biodynamic. Biodynamic wines need to be all hand harvested and organic. A win-win for the consummer. They also are vegan! Whoohoo triple bonus?!?!

Looking at the wine you see a deep garnet red. One can somewhat see the outline of the bottom of the glass, but wouldn’t notice the stem unless you were really looking for it.

The smell is quite aromatic with dark cherries, cranberry, rose, potting soil, and sweet grass.

The flavors are of young blueberry, tart cranberry, sage, dark chocolate, and black coffee.

The wine has good acidity, not too much/not too little and medium tannins-allowing for food or aging in your cellar/wine-frig.

You can find this wine at Waterfront Wine and Spirits for 16.99