Cavalchina 2018 Custova

I love my Italian whites. I might even put them on the top of the list as being the best. Their names are definitely not known as much around the US-part of that is America's fault, we fear things that we have difficulty pronouncing! You know for being a culture that is supposedly open to change, um I think that's a big falsehood. Some might say, "Well I drink Pinot Grigio!"..... I'm sorry that doesn't count.

Anyway, I digress. Italy is home to so many grapes that your average wine drinker has never been heard of/struggle to pronounce

as well. These white's a soooo good that it's worth putting your big boy or girl pants on and doing a little exploring at your locally owned independent wineshop. (Notice I said locally owned independent....x!?x the big box-stores!

Now Custova is a white blend named after a town (like a lot of Italian wines). There are several white grapes, about 10 that can be in the blend, however Garganega has the biggest percentage. Garganega is also one of the grapes used in Soave. Both these wines are from the Veneto region in north-western Italy (the land of Valpolicella and Prosecco).

This wine would be a great wine for you Sauvignon Blanc drinkers. Fresh fruit qualities, but more on the peach and mandarin side of things rather than the lemon/lime of Sancerre or mango/pineapple from New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, and more balanced acidity.

The look is of pale gold with green flecks, there are medium speed legs, and the wine is 12.5% abv. The smell is of fresh cut into mandarin orange, lemon sorbet, and a waft of apple blossoms. There is also fresh cut grass and a hint of coconut creme?! Weird I was not expecting that from a non-oaked wine, but there it is.

The taste is tart, with fresh fruit flavors of orange, mandarin, and ripe papaya. There are some sweetart candies in the middle of the palette.

The finish is medium and has good acidity to makes this a great food wine with a fresh grapefruit with sliced fresh mushrooms as an appetizer, or paired with a citrusy salad and a lemon basil risotto with seared tofu. Yumm, I'm hungry! Cheers!

$15.99 at Waterfront Wine and Spirits