Decoy 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

Decoy was created in 1985 by its parent winery Duckhorn.

You may recognize the Duckhorn name since they produce high-quality Napa wines and was created in that magical year for Napa in 1976. Since then the Duckhorn brand has expanded its vineyard holdings to include labels/wineries such as:

Decoy, Goldeneye, Paraduxx (Haha...pair of ducks) Migration, Canvasback, (all names associated with their flagship duck)

and Calera (which translates to guessed it there is limestone and a 30' masonry limekiln in this vineyard.

Now I realize I'm going to get flack for this, but here goes.....I'm not a Napa fan. I find that a lot of Napa is highly extracted fruit with intense barrel aging....and frankly just too gloppy....yes that's an industry term:)

So.....I tend to seek out more Old World style in my New World wines.

With this in mind when a rep brings me a Napa Cab or Chardonnay I brace for impact. However if I'm not hit over the head with fruit, barrel aging, or glopI'm pleasantly surprised. (Now I will say there's a change in the industry to move away from that over-extraction, but it still exists especially in your bigger production wineries.)

Now this wine is the best of the Old World and New World

There's fresh red and black fruits along with some barrel aging which adds a nice semi-sweet chocolate and espresso finish. This wine would do great served with food from medium-heavy meals or just a glass and apps of roasted almonds and olives. Drinkers choice!

Decoy 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine is an opaque dark magenta with some bright red colors at the rim.

The legs are slow to form, and are of medium thickness that move slowly down the glass for this 14.5 ABV dry red.

This aromatic dry red smells of blackberry, raspberry jam, dried blueberry, pencil shavings, espresso, semi-sweet chocolate, and button mushrooms.

The taste is of dark chocolate with cooked raspberries, unripe cherries, espresso, and moxie (Yes, it’s a New England thing……gentian root based cola).

The finish is medium-long starting with that fruit, but ending with more espresso, and those drying tannins.

You can find this wine for 24.99 at Waterfront Wine and Spirits.