Flit, Flit, Butterfly, Flit

I'm the type of person that has had many, many different kinds of jobs.

Starting when I was at the age that childhood labor laws would apply, I cleaned houses, washed windows, mowed lawns, baby sat, and even taught piano lessons to the kids at church. When I turned 15, I had my first official job. It was bagging groceries at the local grocery store, where my older sister worked so I could ride the 30 minutes with her. (In Vermont local includes up to 45 minutes away-this was only 30, so it was really close!

I remember my first manager. She was a 5' older lady that could look down at me even though I was over 5'10" by pointing her nose down and peering at me over her spectacles. (Yes, I feel the term spectacles works better than glasses in this scenerio). She intimidated me so bad. I had always been a very, very good girl. Being the middle child, I was used to always trying to please everyone. So the fact that no matter what I did, I couldn't please her, really threw me for a loop!

After that Summer, I left my disapproving manager and decided to stay with the jobs that I could be good at, and not judged. (You'd think I'd be used to the judging, as a former Northern Baptist that is what we excel at! So I went back to the babysitting, cleaning, and piano lesson gigs.

During college I continued doing those things, worked at a clothing store called Poor Simon's and then became a waitress at the local (30 minutes away) truck stop. Now I was still very conservative and very sheltered at this point. So I didn't get the trucker jokes of puntang gravy (poitine gravy it's a Canadian thing) and repeated requests to check out the satellite in countless rigs....aka 18 wheelers.

Then I transferred from my conservative Christian college to UVM (University of Vermont), where I joined the rugby team. Believe me my piano teacher was not happy, but I'm not sure she ever was. She reminded me of Almira Gultch/Wicked Witch of the West. (Wicked was not a thing so pre-Elphaba) Joining the team opened my eyes to a world that had been closed off by men that I was taught over and over were the ultimate authority.

Then after college I moved to Montana with my boyfriend and his brothers. There I was an adjunct at a small college, a bank teller, and a bartender. After about 6 months we moved to Colorado where I worked as a hostess and waitress at a jazz club. (Yes, the same place that I first found out what being fired was all about....see my story about backwards up the Rockies to hear why) In the late Spring, those of us that were still there (that's another story), decided to move back to the East Coast and get "real jobs." (Here I worked at a golf course restaurant....Firing #2)

Then I started my full-time teaching career (so no more firing for a while). Like most music teachers when you start out, you get what you get, so you do what is asked/demanded...and traveling 90 minutes one way is a long haul, but it's Vermont and a full-time music teaching gig is not easy to find:)

So here I was teaching band to elementary school students. I had never been in band. We didn't have anything but choir in my small fundamentalist school. So like a good teacher I started to buy instruments, or my parents would as Xmas gifts (see not religious anymore-I was taught that to use that spelling would be blasphemy and hell would certainly be following!)

Anyway, I was an elementary band director and general music teacher for years, until a high school choral gig happened along. While I was there, I was allowed and encouraged to start other music courses as well. American Music, Musical Theatre, Guitar, World Music, and in my last year I had a dance class. And yes, I was in the best shape of my life doing an hour and a half of dance every day!

During this time I was also a house painter in the summers, and was even in charge of my own crew after 3 summers. (This was the first time, I fired someone-hopefully the last!)

Then I moved to Boston to take a break from teaching and get ready for auditioning for my masters. I began waitressing at this place called the Breakfast Club.....yes all 80's music....all day long! There were lines out the door. Awesome tips, but alas I stood up for other waitresses there and that was the 3rd time I got fired, hopefully last, but I don't feel bad because it needed to be said. I have a hard time being quiet when I see an injustice.

I then got a job as head daytime bartender at this place called the Pour House. I was there until I moved to Kentucky for grad school. I never thought I'd live there, but I did. In my mind this was only for 2 years, but the cost of living is so cheap and they pay their teachers more, so after grad school I stayed.

I worked for 6 more years teaching (1 year at two different schools, then 4 years at the last). Do you see a pattern yet? During summers I'd waitress/bartend at a local brewery. Then I ended up at a local wineshop. I continued on there for another year after I got done teaching.

I then started working for a local winery and distillery. I was there about 2 years. I then started to work for Waterfront Wine and Spirits. I joke that I have a little over 2 years there until I need to move on again. You see I've never had a job for over 4 years. I also rescue very old dogs, so they aren't in my life over 4 years. My relationships last even less than 4 years. They are lucky to last 4 months!

I don't necessarily think it's a flaw in me, it's just an interesting quandary of the way I am. (Flit, Flit, Butterfly, Flit) Not sure why, but seems to be a serious case of non-commitment:) Not to my jobs, not to relationships, or even my dog!