France vs. New Zealand SB-off!

So I decided to do a Sauvignon Blanc between two very different regions, but utilizing the same grape. I chose a 2019 French White Bordeaux which is predominantly Sauvignon Blanc from La Freynelle, and the Walnut Block 2020 Collectable Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. I wanted to compare similarly priced wines, so I found these Both of these at Waterfront Wine and Spirits for 13.99.

The land and weather have so much to do with that taste of these two wines. La Freynelle is from the Entré deux Mers (between 2 seas) region of Bordeaux. This area is known for its dry whites and dessert wines with grapes that have been affected by Botrytis. The soil is more fertile here than the left bank gravel and the clay of the right bank. The Walnut Block has vineyards that are rocky, well-draining, and with alluvial silt Walnut Block 2020 Collectables Sauvignon Blanc La Freynelle 2019 White Bordeaux

The difference in color is subtle, but becomes easier to see when compared side by side. The New Zealand is pale straw with some green hues. The White Bordeaux is a little darker on the golden hue spectrum, has some green hues, but they are kind of covered by the more golden tone of this pale wine. The New Zealand smells of tropical fruit salad, passionflower and honeysuckle, as well as sweet pear. The French smells of lime, lemon, mandarin, sweet grass, and apple blossom. The New Zealand tastes of hibiscus, pineapple, papaya, sweet red apples, some white pepper, tropical fruit salad, while the French taste of lemon rind, lemon juice, green pepper, and paprika. There's good acidity in both, but the New Zealand is a little more prominent. Foods that work best with these wines would be lighter fare like salads, tofu with lemon, or a nice brothy soup with vegetables and beans.