il Raduno delle streghe 2018 Falanghina

This Falanghina found at Waterfront Wine and Spirits, hails from Campania, Italy which is located below Naples or the ankle in the IGT Benevento wine region. From my research I cannot find a specific winery attached to it, but it says il Raduno delle strenge on the bottle which translates to the gathering of witches....Cool! The label also has a tree and is full of solstice and pagan symbols symbols. I looked on the importers site, and it looks like this wine's fruit was co-opted from multiple vineyards in the IGT Benevento region and the coops name is il Raduno delle streghe.

Coopting has been going on in Italy since 1950s, and produces great wine from great fruit that keeps the smaller vineyard owner viable in this market. They are also a great value for the consumer since you aren't paying for the 'brand'.

Falanghina generally has flavors of wet stone, apricot/peach, lemon/lime, and almond. This wine has all those things and some added flavors as well!

The look is of pale straw yellow with some green flecks. the legs are slower and thick, indicating a lower alcohol wine.....12.5 abv the label says.

The scent is of fresh grass, lime rind, salted almonds, and passion fruit.

The flavor starts with lemon custard then turns into flavors of lime zest, the salinity of river rock, spiciness of white pepper, and finishes off with the tartness of white peach.

The salinity and acidity make this wine very refreshing for the upcoming summer months.

The finish is medium to long for a white, which also adds complexity to the overall flavors that you pick up.

So as the days get longer and the heat starts to turn up. Think about this wine or another Italian whites from the Central to Southern regions of Italy!