La Giustiniana 2018 Gavi

So Gavi always makes me think of the South African tune Gabi Gabi....

I was a music teacher for about 15 years, at one school I started a world music concert and that was one of the first songs that my select choir did. So there is never a Gavi I come across that in my head I am not singing Gabi Gabi!

So this LA Giustiniana Italian white comes from the Piedmont region known for its Barolo, Barbaresco, and Moscato. So I guess the Gavi would be in between those:)

Gavi is made from the Coretese grape, and has a little more character than some Italian whites from the North. It is still full of good acidity (so making for a great food wine), but also great fresh fruit flavors. There's mango and peach. along with good salinity,

It's very light in color. the stainless steel preserves the color of the juice. No oak aging and very little discoloration on the rim. The legs form pretty fast, indicating a wine that is not as high in alcohol. This one is at 12.5%abv.

I love my Italian whites. One reason is that for the most part they are not influenced by oak. They keep good acidity, but not too much. So they are great with food or just to share with someone on your porch. They can be subtle like your Italian Pinot Grigio's, but the added fruit flavors as you travel more South.

I'd say generically they are my preferred summer wine because there is so much difference between regions, and I've never really met an Italian white I didn't like. Maybe I would prefer a different occasion, but that is it! And at $16 a bottle at Waterfront wine and spirits, it's totally in my summer wheelhouse!