La Spinetta 2016 'IL Nero" Sangiovese

I've been in love with this wine for a couple years. Not only is it a great dry red wine, but it was one of the first wines I knew was vegan! Whoo-hoo!!

What I love about this wine is the robust quality to their Sangiovese. This is due to their start in the Piedmont region, before expanding into Tuscany in the 2000's.

A little history:

This winery started in the 1970's with the production of Moscato in which they were part of the first single-cru Moscatos in Italy. Yummy! (Moscatos in Italy are very, very different than American Moscatos!)

In the 1980's reds were added, starting with their Barbera. In the 1990's more Barbera was added, as well as Barbaresco and Barolo.

In the 2000's the winery decided to expand their vineyards into Tuscany and built a new winery. It's at this winery that "Il Nero" was born.

This wine is 100% Sangiovese, but definitely tastes of that more robust Piedmont influence. In the 2010's La Spinetta expanded again and bought the Contratto winery, which specializes in sparkling made in the classic method of Champagne in Piedmont.

La Spinetta 2016 Il Nero Sangiovese

The wine is dark ruby, almost a garnet with the light hitting it. There are some purple highlights, with not a lot of rim variation, so a very youthful looking wine. The legs are fast forming, but thin, and drip pretty fast down the glass for this 13.5 ABV wine.

There are aromas of black cherry, plum, strawberry chutney, as well as herbal elements like sage and oregano, dark earth and wet clay.

The taste is of cherry juice, strawberry, a combination of sage, thyme, queen olive, espresso, and very dark chocolate. The tannins are subtly, but quietly build throughout this medium-high acidity wine.