Mayu- 2017 Carménère/Syrah

Now I’ve been a little hit or miss on Carménère in the past, however I think my tastes are changing. I like how dark and dirty this wine can be. The typical flavors for Carménère are bell pepper, paprika, eucalyptus, and red fruits. The Mayu is a combination of Carménère and Syrah, so think those flavors, but add blue fruits, licorice, and grilled smoky notes to it.

The Mayu winery is located in the Atacama wine region of Chile. Atacama is the northern most wine region and is home to the Elqui Valley. The Elqui Valley is famous for its picturesque vineyards but also its stargazing. The ancient Incans called the stars in the night sky here, Mayu.

2017 Carménère-Syrah from Mayu

When you look at the wine you get bright garnet and purple notes. The wine is 14.5 ABV and has legs that are slow to form and move lazily down the glass.

Blackberry, tart raspberry, plum, white tea, hibiscus, and cedar are all aromas you get.

The taste is of blackberry juice, young cherry, black pepper, green pepper, and paprika.

The wine has subtle tannins with medium acidity and because of that smokiness, this wine would pair well with anything grilled.

Okay now the bad thing about Carménère-it’s definitely a wine that will stain your tongue and your teeth, so keep that in mind when you are drinking it. It might not be a first date kind of wine