Mayu- 2020 Pedro Ximenez

This is my second review of this winery, the first was for their Carmenere-Syrah (see my review here.)

Pedro Ximenez is a wine that is perfect for summer. Light and fruity, a crowd pleaser for before dinner parties, to serve with aperitifs or lighter fare.

Okay, I understand pronunciation is a very big factor when picking out a new wine, but do not steer away from this grape. If you ask for a PX in most wine shops, they will point out a Pedro Ximenez (Pay-droh Hee-meh-nehz), so you can always say that if you are not comfortable with saying the full name.

Pedro Ximenez is a very big grape used in the production of sweeter Sherries, so most people in southern (Jerez) Spain know it. That is originally why it was planted in Argentina and Chilé as well as Muscat, and the indigenous Torontel (Torrontes). These vines were grown to produce/encourage high yield grapes in order to make wine and then distill into Pisco (styles are Chiléan and Peruvian).

However, some producers of Pisco (like Mayu) have changed their focus from making Pisco to making dry whites with small yield from these 75 year old vines. Older vines produce more concentrated grapes with smaller yields (also hence why País is becoming so important as a grape now. see my review of País)

Mayu 2020 Pedro Ximenez

(Pay-droh Hee-meh-nehz)

Harvest=April/May of 2020

The look is pale straw with the brightness of a winter star along with some green hues.

The legs are slow to form but move at a medium pace one they start to descend for this 13.5 ABV wine. The scent is of lemon/lime, orange blossoms, river stone, late harvest grass, and slight white smoke,

The tast is of lemon, lime, mandarin, smoked paprika, rose/lavender potpourri, and fresh jalapeno/white pepper.

The finish is about medium and leaves you with subtle smoke and citrus

This wine pairs well with salads, raw veggies, and vegan sushi-Yumm!