Mont Gravet 2018 Colombard

Colombard is a French grape that is normally used as a blending grape with Sauvignon Blanc and Muscadelle to create white bordeaux or used to make brandy, specifically Armagnac. It is a grape known for its acidity, but producers in Southern France are becoming aware of its ability to keep the acidity as it presents more fruit characteristics once you move into warmer wine territories.

I was surprised that I liked this so much, until I read that it derives from the crossing of Chenin blanc and Gouais blanc. I absolutely love my Chenin's from Vouvray. A little off-dry which is how I think of this wine too, but the sweetness is hidden by the great acidity.

For the 2018 Columbard from Mont Gravet

The color is very pale straw, there are no legs (until you warm the wine up), just an overall sheet of liquid going down the glass at a medium speed.

The scent of fresh cut kiwi, key lime, lemon rind, bulbous river rock, and orange blossom make for a gorgeous bouquet.

The taste is tart lemon meringue, salted mango, just ripe peach, and finishes off with orange. A great wine for those hot summer days, and as the winemaker wanted an everyday $11 a bottle at Waterfront Wine and can!

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