Orange is the new....

So I love my job at Waterfront Wine and Spirits! That being said, drinking wine everyday for reviewing or learning about can be daunting. I are thinking "poor her!"

I get asked all the time...."what's your favorite wine?" Really!?!? I answer: "depends on the day, region, my attitude, the weather..... the list of ifs could go on and on. But once in a while, a wine surprises me (and you) in its weirdness...and that's what this article is about.

Recently my boss got in an Orange wine from Austria. Okay, okay...some of you are going to associate the fruit with the wine, but you would be soooooo wrong. Orange wine just refers to white grapes that are processed in the same way that reds are. (Red wines are red from the skins, not from the juice that is mostly clear. So sitting on the skins pulls out the color as well as the flavors of those skins) In other words the color of the orange comes from the skins and oxidation of those more sensitive skins (think about an apple slice left out, same taste, but it has browned unless you add lemon juice-then the flavor has definitely changed, but the color has not!)

Anyway so the 2019 Naken is made from 90% Pinot Gris and 10% Muskatellar and from Austria. Totally loving all wines from Austria right now. I have a Zweigelt to try after this!

The look is like a rosé actually, but with some orange flecks. The legs are fast enough not to form, with just an overall sheen as the wine comes solidly down the glass, hence the 10.5 abv. There is very little rim variation, leading one to infer that it is a very young wine.

The scent is of Arizona peach iced-tea, moist river rock, small ripe strawberry, green apple, young lavender, and subtle white flower.

This dry wine, has a good amount of acidity, golden apple, hibiscus tea, tart but ripe raspberry, and lemon rind, and jalapeno (yes, you heard me jalapeno, but without the seeds so just the meaty flesh). This wine is perfect for a hot summer day or a beautiful summer night by the full-moon!

The wine has more complexity as you get to the bottom of the glass, more fruit and flavors come forward, but still has a very gentle but long finish.

I like this wine cold, but it really shines more as you approach the preferred temp of 55. Keep in mind that your refrigerator is at let those fuller bodied whites sit out on the counter for 10-15 minutes before serving. However, if you have a wine refrigerator set it at the highest temperature for your more full-bodied whites (Chardonnay)

This is a great wine, one you can fully geek out on with friends, and at $19 at Waterfront Wine and Spirits it's a great value for a more obscure wine. Oh also did I mention it's from Austria, has no filtration, is Demeter certified (so biodynamic), organic, and fermented while on the skins!