Pipeño 2020 Portezuela País

*País is my 'go-to' grape, when I want a lighter red, but not a Pinot Noir. I love these wines because of their smoky character and fresh fruit qualities.

You will see many different Pipeño wines all from different wineries/families throughout Chile. Pipeño translates into “peasant wine” and is made from traditional grapes of País or Torontell (Torrontes). Both of these grapes originated from Europe, but they are now known as Chilean.

The País was none and still is in some places around the world as the “Mission grape.' It was planted for its easy growing abilities and high yield for use in Catholic ceremonies by the priests.

Because of this purpose in Catholic ceremonies early on, the grapes used in this wine are 250 years old. So real Old Vines, and because of that the wine is incredible with lower yields naturally happening as vines get older.

They also are organic, use indigenous yeast, and very little filtration, no fining, and little SO2 only during the winemaking process. So if you are looking into getting into "Natural" wines....País is a great place to start. Out of a lot of 'Natural' wines, there is no big 'barnyard' or 'funkiness' to deal with. Just fruit and smoke! Yumm!!

Fun fact: Chile because of its terrain has the highest amount of vineyards in the world that are on original rootstock, because they were not affected by the phylloxera louse that killed most vineyards around the world.

This wine is from the vineyards of Patricio Martinez (This series, produced by Louis-Antoine Luyt, involves helping with the production costs and buying the finished product from these small producers.....in other words its a Fair Trade practice!)

Familia Patricio Martinez Pipeño 2020 País

The wine is dark red, but with bright pink-purple hues.

The wine forms into medium/thick legs that run down the glass at slow-medium pace.

The smell is of sour cherries, cigar smoke, tart blueberry, hibiscus, and Dr. Pepper bubble gum,

The taste is of that sour cherry with tart strawberries, smoked applewood, graphite, and green pepper. The tannins build slowly, as the mouth-watering tartness keeps you wanting more.

This wine calls for pairing with Tapas, Mediterranean, barbecued/smoked tofu , or a portobello burger!