R. Stuart & Company 2018 Love Pinot Noir

I have an amorous affection for the R. Stuart & Co. winery, for their love of terrior, almost organic, and sustainable practices. The Big Fire was the Pinot Noir I reviewed for them earlier this year. They also add very little to their wines, so if you are worried about additives in your wine that can cause headaches, try these guys out!

They age their wines in oak, but not for the flavor change, but the body and the natural components that occur when aging a wine, because of this they choose to age their wines in neutral French Oak. When you age in neutral oak you don't get the added flavors of the barrel like vanilla and spices, this allows the true flavor of the grapes to come through. Even the yeast they use is yeast cultivated during the current vintage throughout the vineyards. So it's not wild, which can be scary for a winemaker especially where pinots are concerned, however this yeast culture came from a wild place, but it's just safer to use from a winemaking prospective!

In line with their neutral oak use, they also don't add things to the wine during the wine making process. So everything you get in the glass is from the grapes themselves, and not from the winemaking process. There is very little fining and filtering is mostly through the racking process, so this adds a little more body to this Pinot.

2018 Love, Oregon Pinot Noir

Willamette Valley, Oregon

Color is a bright red with thinner legs that form pretty fast and run down the glass at a decent pace.

The smell is of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, violet, tarragon, sweet and moist potting soil.

The taste is of fresh blueberry, blackberry, black pepper for spice and paprika. The wine is

aged 13 months in neutral oak and racked 5 times before bottling.

When you look at this wine and then taste it, you will understand that their philosophy of clean wine, which are vegan, have no additives, low sulfites, and no added sugar works well for them, us, and for the planet!