Straight Shooter Pinot Noir 2018

Found at Waterfront Wine and Spirits

This Pinot Noir is from Willamette (Wil-lamb-ette) Valley in Oregon. This pinot is produced by Maison L'Envoye also known as great Burgundian producer in France, (French winemakers love this terrain and so do American wine makers, because the terrain is very reminiscent of the Burgundy region of France) Maison L'Envoye also produces wine in Tasmania and Chile.

The wine starts with some thick very slow legs, indicating this wine is either high in sugar or alcohol. It's a pretty red with flashing ruby elements. The smell at the top of the glass leads are through the heat of the alcohol (14.1 abv), into potting soil or wet earth with cattails, and a little lavender. In the middle of the glass you get the more characteristics of ripe cherry, overripe strawberry, tart raspberry, and some menthol followed by tobacco.

The taste is of subtle tart, underripe cherry, almost choke cherry, that leads into a wisp of strawberry, with hints of nutmeg cinnamon and tobacco followed by a white peppery finish. The wine is aged in oak for 12 months in which only 10% we new barrels. The yeast used was indigenous yeast as well, so adding to the Old World taste of this complex wine.

Like most American wines, this wine has a higher alcohol content than its Old world counterpart, but still combines that finesse that the French Burgundians are known for with a little more fruit characteristics. It also has a lower price tag at $17 a bottle at Waterfront Wine and Spirits, so you can enjoy this any night of the week.