Victorine de Chastenay Cremant de Bourgogne Brut Rosé

This rosé is 100% Pinot Noir found at Waterfront Wine and Spirits is You may have noticed fine, fluid, never ending bubbles in your sparklings. produced in the Méthode Champenoise or the traditional method in which champagne is made. In which more aging is required in order for those very fine bubbles to infuse into the wine.

This rosé looks like it was made in the maceration method, meaning a little skin contact....I'd say only 15 minutes, but it's a Pinot Noir which takes more time on the skins to get that color to transfer, so maybe up to an hour?

The 100% Pinot Noir fermented juice is aged on the lees (yeast) for 20 months. Hence why a lot of bubbly smells and tastes a little like bread or yeast. The longer it's aged on the lees the more that taste comes through. Hence why there is a distinct taste difference between something produced in the Champagne method and the Charmat method, which Prosecco uses and produces bigger bubbles and has a tarter/fruit taste. In this glass there is a plethora of very tiny bubbles that keep going and going, like the energizer bunny! So it shows off great in the glass, with a slight color indicative of a Provence rosé and its never ending celebratory bubbles.

The scent is of golden apple, baked biscuits, dried parmesan, roasted almonds, leading one to appreciate the aging that went into the bubbly. The longer aging changes that green apple flavor into golden apple, that fresh yeasty smell into baked biscuit, and amaretto into roasted almond. There is also the scent of fresh pear once you get through the layers of the aged smells as well.

The taste is Green apple, pear, apricot preserves, hibiscus tea. Very refreshing acidity and would be a great wine to celebrate the accomplishment of a hard day at work, or to pair with apps at the start of a great meal. I also can see this paired with a salad or some other lighter fair with lemon.

The finish is light, airy with a little tart pink lady apple finish. My favorite kind of apple!

And at $20 a bottle, you can have this sparkler on a normal Wednesday night!